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Body Treatments

Thai Foot and Leg Massage

45 mins, £28

Invigorating yet deeply soporific. This massage uses stretching and acupressure points to stimulate reflex points providing a relaxing and rebalancing massage you will love.

Pregnancy Massage

45 mins, £35, 1 hr, £40

Is the perfect solution to the demands of pregnancy. Changes in hormones & posture make extra work for your body. Pregnancy Massage helps relieve anxiety, muscular soreness, general discomfort and back ache, swollen legs/ankles, joint pain and will encourage a calmative good night sleep.

Spa Peeling Treatment

30 mins, £27

This top-to-toe exfoliating treatment, which includes a relaxing massage, leaves the skin glowing.

Opulence Aromatherapy Treatment

1 hr 30 mins, £49

The ultimate treatment for relieving stress and inducing relaxation. Opulence incorporates an aromatherapy facial with an extended facial massage and an aromatherapy back massage using the finest quality, specially blended essential oils.

Sports Massage

30 mins, £32, 45 mins, £42

Performed by highly qualified specialist therapists. Specific, targeted treatment for all sports injuries to speed up recovery, prevent re-injury and get you back in the game as soon as possible.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 mins, £32, 45 mins, £42

This highly effective therapy releases muscle tension and restores balance to the musculoskeletal system. Received regularly this may help prevent injuries and build up of tension in the muscles from repetitive actions that lead to stress on joints, ligaments, tendons and the muscles themselves.