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CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift

1 hr £40, course of 5 £200, course of 10 £360

This revolutionary pain free treatment gently helps tighten and tone sagging muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Offering a viable alternative to surgery.

CACI Hydromask


Used in combination with CACI facial

CACI Eyes Wide Open  

30 mins £25, course of 10 £200

Excellent for reducing puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. This treatment lifts, stimulates and rejuvenates, producing immediate results.

Chromasolo – Light Therapy

15 mins add-on £8.50

Is a completely holistic, non-invasive powerful therapy to encourage the body to heal. Coloured light is used to stimulate and decongest skin, circulation, lymphatics and muscles. Effective for oxygenation, decongestion, hydration, increased cellular activity and repair. Blue light therapy is excellent for treating acne vulgaris, inflammation, redness and swelling. Red light is used to rejuvenate and energise. For anti-ageing, a combination of yellow green and red light can be utilised.

No Needle Mesotherapy

45 mins £49, course of 5 £245, course of 10 £441

This system is totally non-invasive and pain free and incorporates ultrasound, diamond tip abrasion, cryotherapy and thermotherapy using an exclusive range of Mesotherapy products. Excellent as an alternative to Botox. Good for dehydrated and tired skin, improves texture, fine lines, wrinkles, colour and sun damage.


1 hr, £49

This is advanced skin care technology at its best. Incorporating galvanism, ultrasound, LED light therapy and vibration. Great for rejuvenation, stimulating cell renewal, skin damage, acne and redness.

This list of benefits is endless. Ask us for more details Dr Kirstie Eccles PhD offers a range of aesthetic treatments including Botox, dermal fillers, platelet-rich plasma facial (AKA The Vampire Face Lift) and PDO threads. Please ask us for more info and a full colour brochure.


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